Crimea: Six Months On

UN General Assembly U_Kand_0

Speaking at the United Nations Assembly this week, Washington’s puppet Prime Minister of Ukraine – Arseniy Yatsenyuk – stood on the podium and begged world leaders not to lift their sanctions on Russia. Stating that Ukraine’s current conflict was not a domestic one but an ‘invasion’, Yatsenyuk directed his comments at the Russian president, saying: “Mr. Putin, you can win the fight against the troops. But you will never win the fight against the nation, the united Ukrainian nation.” He asked that no sanctions be lifted until Russian troops withdrew from eastern Ukraine – including Crimea.

Regardless of whether or not there are Russian troops in eastern parts of Ukraine such as Donetsk right now, what the western media failed to highlight during the annexation of Crimea was that there was always a large Russian military presence there: they did not sneak in overnight as the MSM seemed to suggest, as Crimea is the location of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet – and this has been the case since the eighteenth century.

Six months on from the referendum, it seems unlikely that Crimea will become part of Ukraine again. Ukraine’s military dolphins are now under Russian command, and most importantly: the Crimean people aren’t dying. If Russia had not moved so quickly all those months ago, who knows how much higher the death toll in eastern Ukraine would be by now?



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