Don’t laugh, Russia has invaded Ukraine 36 times and that’s just in 2014

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How Many Times Has Russia Invaded Ukraine? Let’s Add Them Up              

  • We found 36 invasions!
  • From Sarah Palin to John McCain, from the NYT to the BBC, – Google delivers over 1.3 million results.
  • Its so old and worn out, people are tuning out to the “boy who cried wolf.”

This article originally appeared at Redpilltimes

As we approach the one year anniversary of the “Euromaidan” protests, and eventual coup of President Yanukovych, one meme has dominated the Ukraine headlines ever since, the ‘Russian military invasion of Ukraine.’

Last week Ukraine’s Military spokesman Col. Andriy Lysenko, accused Russia of sending tanks, troops and lot’s of other stuff across the border into Ukraine, as reported by the NY Times:

Speaking in Kiev, the capital, Col. Andriy Lysenko, a Ukrainian military spokesman, said 32 tanks, 16 howitzers and 30 trucks hauling ammunition and fighters had crossed into the Luhansk region from Russia.

He presented…

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