Media Blackout as U.S. Sponsors Genocide in Southeastern Ukraine!

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  • Media Blackout as U.S. Sponsors Genocide in Southeastern Ukraine! 
    by Eric Zuesse |
    Due to the Internet, this is the first genocide that is being documented in real time, as it occurs.

    Here’s a typical example of what’s being blacked-out:

    This is a photo of a Ukrainian soldier guiding a truck-full of prisoners toward a ditch, to which the prisoners are then dragged one-by-one, and thrown in, and shot — then covered over with dirt after all the corpses (and perhaps some living bleeding survivors) are piled in it. (Of course, any survivors then quickly choke to death, from the dirt): (top of post)

    And here’s an explanation of how this extraordinary video of a genocide being carried out, came to be found by the resistance-fighters against Ukraine’s war to exterminate the residents in Ukraine’s southeast, Ukraine’s region where the vast majority of the people…

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