Libya Faces Heightened Threats of Renewed Western Intervention


Aerial bombardments prompt the closure of the border with Tunisia
صورة ارشيفية

By Abayomi Azikiwe
Libya 360°

Recent reports related to Libya claim that Islamic State (IS) camps have been set up in the North African state, a country in chaos since the United States-NATO led bombing and ground war of regime in 2011 resulting in the ousting of the Gaddafi government and the destruction of Africa’s once most prosperous and stable state.

At present there are two identifiable centers of neo-colonial power in Libya with the Islamic oriented government based in Tripoli and the other more secular regime headed by Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Thani which has been driven out of the capital and is meeting in a hotel in the eastern city of Tobruk. The ongoing divisions and internecine conflict in Libya has impacted the production and export of oil, the country’s largest foreign exchange earner.

In a recent statement by…

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