Yemen: National Organization for Drone Victims allege 12 year old child victim in latest killings by US

Carol Anne Grayson (Radical Sister) blog


Alleged drone victim Mohamed Tuaiman (age 12) 25th Jan 2014, Yemen

Today Monday 25th January 2014, Reuters news agency reported that, “a suspected U.S. drone strike on a car in eastern Yemen killed three men believed to be al Qaeda militants.” The “targeted killing” in Marib province was the first since the departure of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi on Thursday who took the decision to resign when Houthi rebels seized the Republican palace.

President Barak Obama signalled to CNN on Sunday that the drone programme aimed at Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsular (AQAP) is set to continue, stating, “taking militants out with drones isn’t simple, but it’s the best strategy available to eliminate the threat of terrorists in Yemen and U.S.”

Noam Chomsky (American linguist, philosopher and political commentator) has a rather different opinion, he was reported in Salon describing the US drone programme as,

“the most extreme terrorist campaign of modern times…

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