TRANSLATED: As-Safir daily details US-Lebanese roles in massive July 2012 bombing of Assad inner circle

The Mideastwire Blog

An interesting – Ronen Bergman-esque – report on the July 2012 bombing of Assad’s inner circle of security men… a bombing which had all the indications that some party was attempting to orchestrate a tipping point to finally collapse the regime. It is an interesting side of the story for all those folks who argue that the Obama administration should have assassinated or covertly killed its way to regime change in Syria. This report says essentially that the US did in fact lead just such an effort. But even after wiping out so many of Assad’s major security figures, still the army and regime…. stayed… until this day.

More details of this part of the story will come out and will be vital for better understanding the problems inherent in the dominant argument that says the US should have been more militarily and covertly involved and aggressive in Syria:

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