BBC rejects final appeal re: Saving Syria’s Children‏

Fabrication in BBC Panorama 'Saving Syria’s Children'

I) The BBC Trust’s Editorial Standards Committee has rejected an appeal review request made separately by another complainant. Following the ESC’s rejection of my own review request in November 2014, this would appear to represent the BBC’s final word on Saving Syria’s Children. The new decision entirely ignores a number of potentially significant points raised by the complainant, including a direct question as to the identity of a “third man” in the BBC’s footage from Atareb hospital (see point 7 below).

Points dismissed in the Editorial Standards Committee decision 

  1. An image of one of the alleged thermite victims smiling cheerfully shortly after the attack.
  2. Discrepancies of up to six hours between accounts of when the attack allegedly took place, including a contradiction between accounts given by ‘Saving Syria’s Children’ reporter Ian Pannell and his colleague, cameraman, producer and director Darren Conway (which is seemingly being suppressed). See II) below 
  3. The…

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