Maximum Bloodshed: U.S. Double Standards in Ukraine and Yemen

The Contrary Perspective

More Destruction in Yemen More Destruction in Yemen

Nicolas J.S. Davies

We read in the news that a revolution in a foreign country has gained control of its capital and most of its territory. The country’s president is forced to flee, while his supporters fight on from their regional base, insisting that the new rulers have no legitimacy. How should the U.S. respond?

The U.S. government frames its recognition or non-recognition of changes of government in other countries as a consistent application of the rule of law and constitutionality, tempered by humanitarian concern for the lives of the ordinary people affected. But it is one of the worst kept secrets in the world that U.S. responses to such crises are not really based on the rule of law or humanitarian concerns, but on ideology, calculations (often miscalculations) of U.S. geopolitical and commercial interests, and domestic political pressures.

The scenario above could equally describe Ukraine…

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