War Crime Alert: Turkey publicly declares U.S./Turkish air cover for NATO-backed mercenary-terrorists in Syria

the real Syrian Free Press

In a remarkable outburst, the Turkish FM Mevlut Cavusoglu publicly stated the US & Turkish regimes would provide air cover to their terrorists who are trying to illegally overthrow the Syrian government, without being able to elaborate how.

Cavusoglu’s statement faces numerous obvious legal, practical and propaganda obstacles.

Daily Sabah 25 May 2015‘a global vision’ to slaughter any civilian that stands in their way

In legal terms his statement is (further) evidence of a criminalintent to commit war crimes.

In practice it would be difficult for the US & Turkey to bomb Syrian civilians in major cities without exposing that contrary to their propaganda the Syrian ‘Opposition’ and ‘Islamic State’ terrorists are the one and same.

The real obstacle the US and Turkish regimes face is that as time has shown, it has been impossible for them to take major cities in Syria.

The ‘fog’ of war has long ago cleared, and everyone…

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