Gay Palestinian seeking asylum in Canada set to be deported despite death threats

Global News

TORONTO — If the Canadian government decides to deport John Calvin back to Palestine on Nov. 4, he believes he will be killed.

“It’s a known thing that it will be a death sentence, so there would be no way around it,” he said from his home in Edmonton.

“Scared, terrified, disappointed, there’s a bunch of different things that one in my situation would feel.”

The Canadian government believes the 24-year-old is, or was, a member of the Palestinian militant organization Hamas and therefore is ineligible to seek asylum in Canada as a refugee.

But Calvin fled his chaotic upbringing under one of the most notorious pro-Hamas families in Palestine at the age of 19, which is why he says he has taken on a new name, and a new life, in Canada.

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Calvin’s refugee claim was based on his…

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