Bye bye “British values”: Letter from Mannan family in Islamic State rejects “so called freedom and democracy”

Carol Anne Grayson (Radical Sister) blog


The Mannan family left the UK freely to make a new life with the Islamic State (image Bedfordshire police)

The letter allegedly released by the Mannan family who state why they left the UK to make a new life in Syria comes as no surprise to those of us that have followed Muslim migration to join jihadi groups and live in the Islamic State (IS).

IS came to world attention in June 2014, when it announced the founding of  a “caliphate” state based on Sharia (Islamic law) following the rule of Allah (God) as opposed to man-made laws. The Caliph (head) of IS is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Over the past year the presence of IS has been felt in a number of countries and their influence continues to spread. Followers have claimed responsibility for a number of terrorist attacks on Shia mosques and attacks such as the Bardo Museum attack…

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