Russell Brand Summarises the Dishonesty of David Cameron’s Tunisia Response

Tunisia Minute Of Silence – Total Bullshit: Russell Brand The Trews (E350)

I don’t usually pay much attention to Russel Brand, but it is good to see someone in the public eye speaking out about power structures in society and challenging the status quo; something the British press is loathe to do.

He really nails David Cameron’s response to the Tunisia attack; asking why, if the various incidents from London 7/7 to Mumbai to Charlie Hebdo are all connected to one another, then why are our invasions and drone attacks etc not part of the picture?

According to Cameron, there is no relationship between Britain waging aggressive wars against countries that haven’t done anything to us and the animosity that is felt towards the UK. Since 9/11 Britain has taken part in three wars of choice – Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya – as well as covertly waging a devastating war against Syria, resulting in the deaths of millions of innocent people. The government has also given its full support to Israel and Saudi Arabia to destroy Gaza and Yemen, and provided them with the weapons to do so. No one has been held accountable for any of this, and the public doesn’t seem to care.

Now, as part of the new Anti-Terrorism Act, the Home Office is legislating against the very ‘extremist’ language that the government itself is guilty of:


In his speech following the Tunisia attack, the PM predictably declared that “they” had declared war on Britain. As Brand points out, who is this “they” Cameron refers to? How is this different to the message he says ‘Islamic extremism’ conveys? Brand notes that the ‘war on terror’ is a self-perpetuating business and until there is recognition that wars and arms deals are part of the problem not the solution then nothing will change.

What exactly is the point of the Chilcot report when Cameron’s government has continued to wage illegal wars and lie about them to the public?

Benghazi 2015 – who will rebuild Libya?

One thought on “Russell Brand Summarises the Dishonesty of David Cameron’s Tunisia Response

  1. Yes, war on terror is a joke as the US and UK have been funding and training these terrorists for a long time now, so for Western leaders to even criticise what happened in Tunisia is a joke.

    I also noticed that a lot of British media barely mentioned the attack on a Kuwaiti mosque, seems like they only care when their own die in terror attacks, and they quickly forgot about the poor Frenchman as well.

    I heard somebody on Twitter asking why the media was only speculating about how many Brit holidaymakers had died, but not at all wondering if any local Tunisians had passed also.

    I heard that a local Tunisian Muslim guy allowed a few western holidaymakers, complete strangers into his home to protect them from the gunman.

    Blair, the sick pig tried selling arms to the poorest nation in Africa at a time when they couldn’t even afford healthcare for diseases. Read a book called ‘The Shadow World’ by Andrew Feinstein. It’s fantastic, it’ll tell you what all these nations are up to. Sick!

    Anyone who claims that these terrorists are doing what they do because of religion is finding an excuse for them. It really has nothing to do with religion. These people are crazy, that’s all.

    Ordinary Brits should of course do a 1 min silence, but how dare the leaders, who are also terrorists do it?

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