Joss Whedon interview – audio version


I’m posting this here because I currently can’t view my other blog as my domain subscription has expired, and I don’t know whether I’m going to renew it or not. Also the phone that I recorded the interview on broke so I no longer have the original recording either.

Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing was the closing film at the 2013 Glasgow Film Festival and I got the chance to ask Joss a question or two at a round-table interview a few hours before the film screening. I also got to watch the film at home the night before, in order to formulate questions that were related to Much Ado rather than what it is likely most interviewers wanted to ask about: The Avengers.

I came up with – what I thought – were some pretty original questions. However I only got the chance to ask two, and being so nervous I panicked and asked what were probably my two worst questions. I also felt embarrassed because all the other interviewers were from actual newspapers except for me, and I was the only female. My voice sounds pretty stupid too.


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