Yemen’s Cholera Epidemic: A Crime Against Humanity 

A couple of months ago I sent money via MoneyGram to a man in Yemen – Ahmad Algohbary – who raises funds which allow severely starving and malnourished children to receive life-saving treatment in hospital. Her name was Batol, and within less than a week of treatment her health had improved dramatically. 

                              Batol prior to her hospital treatment 

Ahmad handing over the raised money to Batol’s family

              Batol after six days of treatment for starvation and malnourishment. 

Last week Batol died of cholera. The child’s family did not know about the cholera, once they did they didn’t know how to get help, and by the time they managed to get help it was too late for Batol. 

Yemen is the world’s worst humanitarian crisis7000 new cases of cholera are declared every day. Within weeks a million people could be affected by the disease; the current numbers stand at almost 500,000 since April, and there has been over 19,000 deaths due to what should be an easily treatable disease. What has been eradicated in the West is now intentionally being used as a tool of genocide by the world’s richest countries against the poorest nation in the Middle East. 

‘The Forgotten War’, as it is known as in the Western bourgeoisie press, is only ‘forgotten’ because it is being waged by US imperialism and its agents and there is no propaganda that can be manufactured alluding to an evil dictator oppressing and killing his ‘own people’. 

The Western media, in their rare articles about Yemen, refer to it as being waged by a Saudi-led coalition against Iranian-backed Houthis militias. Very occasionally, the US and UK is mentioned with regard to their refuelling of coalitions fighter jets. The unmentionable fact is that just like Israel, the ‘Kingdom’ of Saudi Arabia (initially installed by the British Empire) could not survive without America. There is a perception in the Western capitalist states that ‘we’ are owned by KSA; a trope emblematic of the antisemitic Protocols of the Elders of Zion conspiracy which makes claims of worldwide Jewish hegemony. However without the protection of the United States – training its military, police force, lobbying in favour of it at organisations such as the UN, using its instruments of propaganda to print favourable articles etc – the country would have collapsed long ago. 

The crimes perpetrated against the people of Yemen by the United States and its clients clearly meet the definition of ‘crimes against humanity’. With American and British military officers sitting in in Saudi command centres picking targets for the coalitions warplanes to bomb, the imperial aggressors are wantonly destroying all of Yemen’s critical infrastructure, food storage locations, farms, hospitals, schools etc; as well as utilising a naval blockade of the poverty-stricken country in order to prevent humanitarian aid from entering Yemen. This has led to such a dire humanitarian situation, that simply drinking water – a human necessity – is an act which can lead to death. 

The continuance of the air, land and sea blockade against Yemen which has catastrophically destroyed the countries economy (90% of Yemen’s food is imported) is a deliberate policy of mass starvation, one which resembles Nazi Germany’s devised economic policies when invading the Soviet Union in 1941. With the chronic mass-spread of cholera – now affecting 91% of the country – one can only conclude that an intentional attempt at population control is in fact the main aim of this war. Certainly the original goal of ‘Operation Restoring Hope’ to reinstate Hadi is without a doubt unachievable. 

Please take a look at Ahmad’s website – Yemen Hope & Relief – for updates on his humanitarian work, or via his Twitter account:


The Pentagon – via its trusty mouthpiece The Washington Post – announced several hours ago, in typical Goebbelsian fashion, that US troops are now operating openly on the ground (rather than covertly) in Yemen to ‘wage an offensive against al-Qaeda; a group which have consistently worked alongside the US and partners since the bombardment began, and which prominent members of occupy positions in deposed Yemeni President Hadi’s government-in-exile. 

Typical doublespeak by the WaPo:


Blame the Saudi’s for Yemen’s Cholera Disaster –

UN: Crimes Agaist Humanity –

US Troops are on the Ground in Yemen for Offensive Against al-Qaeda Militants –


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