The world’s worst humanitarian crisis isn’t in Syria it’s in Yemen

By Mohammed Saleh Al_hojily, Yemen


Three years of war and blockade on Yemen has turned the lives of  27 million people into a more precarious situation than any one can imagine. The current circumstances in Yemen cannot be described by a few words or pictures; the situation is more complicated than that.

Amongst these issues, the health care system has been decimated by the brutal war. One child dies every ten minutes due to preventable diseases according to the UN Secretary General; however that was before the outbreak of Cholera. At present the situation is getting even worse: now on top of this, one person dies per hour due to the Cholera epidemic. Additionally, with every day of war grows so does the hunger. When you see the people’s faces you see the poverty misery & desperation; it has been 3 years of war and blockade, not days or months.

Batol was a 5 year old girl who survived from malnutrition but died due cholera. 
But Batol is only one of the 1,869 people who have so far died in this outbreak in Yemen. 

In general the population of Yemen is nearly 27 million people; who can imagine all those people living under the American and Saudi coalition of war & blockade for about 2 and half a years, day by day the hunger & poverty grow amid the folks, according to the UN reports more than 19 million do not know where their next meal will come from and more than 14 million don’t have access to clean water. There are also about 3 million citizens who have fled their houses and living as refugees inside Yemen. The majority of them are children living in refugee camps.
Amid these horrific examples there are thousands of other tragedies happening in Yemen in front of the world’s eyes, but there has been no postive action to put an end to Yemen’s plight. 


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