1 million Algerian Dinars to wage ‘Yankee Jihad’ in Syria

In this clip Dr Sheikh Imran Hossein explains why it is ‘haram’ for Muslims to go to Syria for ‘Jihad’. He tells his audience of a family who wrote to him of their son who was offered a million Algerian Dinars (just under half a million dollars) to go fight in Syria, and in response says that they cannot stop him from going there, but that if he does they must disown him, as the Syrian war is not a real jihad but simply a fight between hired mercenaries and the Syrian state. Hossein further says that anyone who goes to Syria to kill innocents will burn in the ‘fires of Jahannam’. He notes that the countries financing the ‘Syrian jihad’ are Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Libya, whom he says are all under Zionist control (though more accurately American influence).