Ukrainian Parliamentarian Publishes Essay on ‘Social-Nationalism’


The following excerpts are from an article written by Andriy Biletsky – the leader of the ‘Patriot of Ukraine’ party and commander of Azov battalion. Both the party and battalion are part of Ukraine’s Social-National Assembly: a coalition of neo-Nazi groups. Wikipedia says: “Both the “Patriot of Ukraine” and the S.N.A. engage in political violence against minorities and their political opponents.” You know who else had paramilitary wings for such purposes? Hitler. Biletsky was recently awarded a medal by President Poroshenko for the role he has played in the uprising in the East of the country. The volunteer battalions have been accused by Amnesty International of starving civilians by preventing access to aid, as well as “ISIS style” atrocities, such as beheadings.

Biletsky’s essay explaining his ideology first appeared at WotanJugend (The Hammer of National-Socialism).


Social Nationalism is based on a set of principles that clearly distinguish it from other right-wing movements. This is a peculiar triad: sociality, racialism, and great-powerness.

The principle of sociality implies our complete negation of democracy and liberalism, which fractionize the nation into isolated units and result in power of the gray crowd over the outstanding personalities (ochlocracy, mob rule).

Instead, we put forward the idea of ​​national solidarity, natural hierarchy and discipline, as the basis of our new society.

Not “democratic vote” of the crowd that can not cope with its own life, not mentioning life of the state, but natural selection of the best representatives of the nation – born chiefs-leaders.

Anyone who believes that such a system of government is unacceptable, should think whether modern system of government is acceptable, in which a prostitute and an academician have equal voting rights, where a degraded addict or a pederast are valued in the elections the same as the commander of a tank division.
People by nature are born with different abilities and capabilities, that’s why it is a great fortune for every person to find his place in the national hierarchy and conscientiously fulfill his vital tasks.

If Ukrainian spirituality, culture and language are unique, it is only because our racial nature is unique. If Ukraine is a paradise on earth, it is only because our race turned her into it.

Accordingly, treatment of our national body should start with a racial cleaning of the nation. And then in the healthy racial body will revive the healthy national spirit, and with it culture, language and everything else.

Apart from the question of purity, we must also pay attention to the question of the value of race. Ukrainians are a part (and one of the largest and the most qualitative) of European white race.

Race-creator of a great civilization, the biggest human achievements. The historical mission of our nation in this critical time is to head and lead the white peoples of the whole world in the last crusade for their existence. Crusade against Semite-led subhumanity.

Thousands of times we heard moanings of pseudo-nationalists about the oppression of us by Poles and Moscow, their curses against empires.

Social Nationalism is not such, it claims – if we are strong, we will take all that is rightfully ours, and even a little more, we will build our superpower-empire – Great Ukraine, which will be a legitimate successor of the Scythian and Kyivan-Ruthenian empires.

If we are weak, then our place is among the conquered dying peoples. Because that is nature! The choice is ours!

Thus, Social Nationalism raises on a shield all the ancient Ukrainian Aryan values ​​forgotten in today’s society.

Only their revival and bringing to life by a group of fanatical fighters may lead to the final victory of European civilization in the world struggle.

Here we stand and we cannot do otherwise!

Translation found at Russia-Insider.

VIDEO: The Israel Lobby Protects Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

This short video was adapted from Max Blumenthal’s article “How the Israel Lobby Protected Ukrainian Neo-Nazis” (AlterNet, 11/18/14) by the anti-war group St Pete for Peace. Find out more about them at:

Video footage details:

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Photos: Kiev Police Clash with Far-Right Nationalists


Several clashes have erupted this week between police  and far-right nationalists in Kiev. Members of the Svoboda and Right Sector parties, as well as Azov battalion militants, marched through the Ukrainian capital to Independence Square on Tuesday to commemorate the 72nd anniversary of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UIA).


President Petro Poroshenko announced the creation of ‘Defender of the Nation Day’ annual public holiday on Tuesday (October 14), thus dissolving the existing  ‘Defender of the Motherland Day’ that usually occurs on February 23 in both Ukraine and Russia; similar holidays are held on various dates in other ex-Soviet nations.


Kiev’s decision to move the holiday to coincide with the UPA’s anniversary is a bold statement: the UIA were a Ukrainian nationalist paramilitary group whom fought alongside the Nazis against the Russian army in World War II. The group committed a number of horrific war crimes during their existence; massacring Poles and Ukrainian Jews. Members planned to win Ukraine with support from Germans and physically eliminate all non-Ukrainians; their slogan was “Ukraine only for Ukrainians”.


UIA groups fought against Soviet and Polish underground resistance organization members in 1943-44. Following the end of the war and when the Soviet rule was restored in Ukraine, the UIA organized attacks against Soviet servicemen, law-enforcement authorities, Soviet officials and others who came from the “east”.


After parliament failed to pass a bill that would formally recognise the UIA as war heroes on – who fought for Ukrainian independence during WWII – riots broke out outside the building. This was the seventh time parliament speaker Olexandr Turchynov, in violation of established procedures,  put this issue to a vote -and each time the motion failed to score the required 226 votes. Following this decision, groups of masked men proceeded to throw bricks, smoke bombs and explosive devices at policemen on duty at the parliament – leading the session to be terminated.


The clashes have also been attributed to another bill that was passed on Tuesday – a law granting self-rule status to the Donetsk and Luhansk regions in the east for three years – part of a peace deal brokered by Russian President Vladimir Putin. It seems ironic that these neo-nazi groups want to both celebrate those who fought for Ukraine’s independence, whilst also quelling notions of separatism in the east. What does seem to be fueling both of these issues is extreme Russophobia, which is very worrying indeed. It is unfortunate that most of western Europe has chosen to encourage this growing prejudice and cozy up with Washington, rather than admit that Russia was right.





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